What to expect when getting hair extensions.

Getting hair extensions for the first time can be equally as scary as it is exciting, at Longlox Super Salon we offer all aspects of hair extensions and colour services, free consultation and endless advice on your extension journey. If however, you are out of the area here is your guide to getting hair extensions for the first time!

Choosing a salon

It is important to choose the right salon to fit your hair extensions as this can not only effect your experience but also protect your natural hair from potentially being damaged. When looking for a salon ask friends if they would recommend anywhere, then you are able to question them on their hair extension fitting and salon experience. Most importantly check the salon or stylist you are going with is fully qualified and insured to fit hair extensions.


Every salon should offer you a consultation prior to booking in for your hair extensions, this will be your opportunity to ask all of your questions and the stylist to inform you on everything you need to know about hair extensions before you go ahead with the appointment. Before going to your consultation think of all of the questions you have, write them all if you feel you might forget some and take screenshots of some inspo pics you have seen as this will help the stylist get an idea of the look you're wanting to achieve.

Appointment Day

On your appointment day ensure your natural hair is freshly washed, this will prevent your hair extensions from sliding and be better for your stylist to fit. Whilst your extensions are being fitted keep in mind how you usually wear your hair, for example if you tie your hair up a lot make sure there is a big enough gap around your hair line. Once your application is finished have a good feel around your hair and scalp to see if there are any extensions which feel uncomfortable or out of place, however it is completely normal for extensions to feel slightly tight or heavy when they are first fitted, this will go away after a few days.

Deciding on a length

The final step of your hair extension appointment is the perfect cut to finish. When deciding on the length it is important to remember every 8 weeks at your maintenance appointment the hair extensions will be getting trimmed, therefore we usually advise clients to keep the length slightly longer. There can also be an initial shock seeing yourself with that much hair for the first time so you may find yourself asking for a lot cut off, a good solution for this again leaving it a little longer, going home to wash, blow-dry and style it then make the decision whether you can manage the length as you can always go back to the salon for more cut off if needed.


Correct aftercare is vital when getting hair extensions to keep both your natural hair and hair extensions in the best condition, click here for our full aftercare and browse the product section of our website to see all the best products for Longlox hair extensions.