X6 Sunbed

The X6 sunbed is the most powerful and advanced high pressure sunbed ever produced. It is the first sunbed in the world that has used the special regular hexagon configuration of the 6 columns, the only solution to offer a truly homogeneous tan (on the whole body without leaving shadow areas in the shoulders or in the centre of the back.)

The X6 sunbed is the top of the entire smart high pressure range. The X6 is equipped with 36 lamps with dichroic parabolas, arranged in 6 columns that all have the same distance from each other. This allows to obtain a golden and natural colour with reduced exposure times.

The X6 sunbed is not like a regular sunbed. It’s the only sunbed in the world with 6 columns of bulbs using the latest technology ensuring you do not burn, meaning it is safest for your skin. It’s futuristic, can tan you in just 8 minutes, has high pressure fans and can spray you with a fine mist of cool water!

  • tan line in just 8 minutes
  • most powerful sunbed in the world
  • only x6 in the north east
  • equivalent of having 8-10 normal sunbeds
  • find most of cool water and powerful fan
  • safer for your skin using the latest tubes
  • free red bull for every customer

At Longlox our X6 sunbed is very popular as it’s the only one of its kind in the North East of England! One session on the x6 is said to be the equivalent of using 8 regular sunbed sessions… so more powerful with less exposure times!

When coming in for a session on the x6 it is advised to call us to book your session to avoid a queue!

Once you are welcomed at reception you will complete a sunbed consultation form and one of the girls will show you through to the sunbed room and explain how to use it step my step.

We have a great selection of tanning accelerator creams and bronzers too which you can purchase at reception.

We have a basket full of toiletries to use during your session.. full of deodorant, body sprays, wipes & essentials. We have one for the men and one for the ladies! We got you!

On your way out remember you can help yourself to a complimentary Redbull.. on us!

To book your session on the x6 please call us on either landline! Hopefully See you soon!

*Please note- Minimum age to use the x6 sunbed by law is 18. You must bring proof if ID to use the X6.