Angels of The North

Angels of the North is a reality observational documentary and ‘fly on the wall’ hit tv series created by twentysix03 entertainment, which features on BBC THREE, BBC iplayer and BBC ONE. There are four fun packed series which you can binge them all on iplayer now!

“The beating heart of the series is Sammyjo, who juggles her creative vision and making her salon the most Instagrammable in the North East with managing her team's fractions and hilarious relationships- not to mention her own turbulent love life. There’s never a dull moment in the salon”

Series one launched at the end of 2019 and became an instant hit on BBC iPlayer. The first two series focused on the lives of the staff at Gateshead supersalon, Longlox. The third series launched in October 2021 introduced a few more faces and expanded to Pure Ink tattoo studio and a boxing club in Jarrow. The fourth series focused more on Longlox and Pure Ink.

Series 1

This series is where it all began! You meet the Angels for the first time and are almost guaranteed to be hooked after watching the first episode! Sammyjo opens up about her mental breakdown and struggles. Many parts of Newcastle are featured whilst the Longlox girls are out and about filming including Harry’s bar and How do you do. This first series includes a Longlox Halloween party, a disastrous date night and a breakup!

Series 2

This series is on two parts as during filming, covid 19 pandemic hit the nation and the whole nation went into national lockdown after filming just 4 episodes. First 4 episodes were filmed as normal and included new staff members, a pregnancy announcement and a new romance for Sammyjo. Lockdown hit the nation (Angels of the North were the only tv series to capture this during the filming of a reality tv series at the time of national lockdown which shows a real insight to what it was like)

After the government gave the go-ahead for salons to re-open, filming resumed- only with a whole lot of rules, regulations, restrictions, PPE & stress to go with it! Series 2 was an emotional watch not only for the staff but the viewers at home too.

Series 3

This series you see more Angels being introduced including Sammyjo’s friends Jade & Shane from Pure Ink tattoo studio and a boxing gym in Jarrow. You get to see a-lot more of the North East in this series too!

Series 4

This series was more focused on Sammyjo, Longlox and Pure Ink. Sammyjo becomes godmother twice in this series, moves into her dream house and openly talks about her miscarriage earlier that a year. In this series you see a-lot more of Newcastle including Newcastle racecourse, the hoppings, Rustys and Newcastle Pride festival.

You can watch all episodes of all four series on BBC iPlayer now!

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