Longlox Hair Extensions Aftercare

Nanolox and Weft

These methods may be washed the same day as fitting however your head could feel slightly tender until your hair extensions have settled. If you have had your colour applied on the same day we do not recommend washing your hair for a minimum of three days.

Always wash your hair extensions in the shower upright, ensuring to wash your hair down over and never scrubbing the ends to the roots. This will prevent any tangling and make it easier to blow dry. We would always recommend blowing drying your hair after washing, especially if you have our body wave extensions (18” and 22”) On the day of fitting your hair extension technician should recommend a shampoo and conditioner best suited to your hair type, if you cannot remember or were not given this information don’t hesitate to contact the salon or visit our In-salon retail cube filled with the best products for your hair and hair extensions. Our favourite and best brands for your hair extensions are; Loreal Professional, Kerastase, Milk Shake and Alterna Caviar. An extension brush is a must for brushing your hair extensions as any other brush could cause tugging on your hair extensions resulting in them coming loose or falling out. Our extension brushes are designed by us to reduce hair loss and static-£15 To prolong the life of your hair extensions and take care of your natural hair a heat defence spray must be applied before any blow drying or styling. Please be aware that platinum blonde is your most damaging colour and will take a little more care to keep healthy, to ensure your hair stays in good condition under your hair extensions we would recommend only styling your hair once a week, using heat defence sprays, oils and a conditioning mask every few washes. Longlox will not take any responsibility for damage to the ends of your natural hair caused by the overuse of heated tools or previous hair colour damage.

Hair Extension Colouring - We do not recommend that you colour your hair or hair extensions at home, Longlox will take no responsibility or give any refunds for damage caused by you or another salon colouring your hair or hair extensions. We offer all hairdressing services in The salon and specialise in working with your hair and hair extensions. Tints can be applied to your roots and semi-permanent colours to your extensions but please ask a member of staff or contact the salon before doing so, if the service is not being carried out within Longlox. Bleach cannot be applied to your hair extensions or to the root area where your hair extensions are being worn, toners and purple shampoos are not recommended to be used on the hair extensions, however, if you do require either product have them applied within the salon.

Sleeping - Always tie your hair back when going to bed either in a loose plait or bobble, this keeps the hair from tangling in the night.

Holiday Hair Care - Extra care must be taken whilst on holiday. Chlorine, seawater and sun lotion can affect the hair extensions, to prevent this keep your hair tied up and covered when going in the pool or sea to avoid it getting wet. Apply heat defence spray before going in the sun and apply a conditioning mask when washing your hair extensions to stop them from getting dry. To prevent colour change of the hair extensions avoid any sun blocks or sprays going on your hair extensions and rinse your hair through with bottled water when washing.

Maintenance - Nanolox must be removed every 8 weeks and Wefts every 6-8 weeks, this prevents any matting or damage to the hair. We also offer a free haircut between your removal and refit this is to promote hair growth ensuring your hair is getting thicker and staying healthy between appointments, your hair must be clean for fitting of any hair extensions so we would recommend washing your hair the night before your maintenance appointment or a wash and blow dry is available on the day for an additional £20 (please let a member of staff know upon booking your maintenance appointment if you would like this service).

We cannot put a life span on the hair extensions as it is all dependent on the correct aftercare being followed also different hair extension types are likely to last different lengths of time; Bodywave (18” and 22”) 3-6 month, Premium (20”) 6-9 month and Remi Russian (24”) 1year+. Again this cannot be ensured as all of our hair extensions are 100% human hair so the more you follow the correct aftercare the longer they are going to last you.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 01914881888 or message us directly via social media (Instagram @longlox_hairextensions and Facebook ‘Longlox Hair Extensions).

See you soon,
The Longlox team x