Longlox is TWENTY!

OMG! 15 year old me is SCREAMING right now! I cannot believe my business is TWENTY YEARS OLD!! It’s crazy to think how far i’ve come.. It’s been a journey!🥹 I’m getting emotional writing this 😭

I completed my first hair extension course when i was just 15, little did i know i would be where i am today, 20 years later!

It had always been my dream to teach hair extensions and to create my own brand of hair. Within this past 20 years I have become a hair extension teacher- i’ve trained staff and students in hair extensions in my training academy. Ive also worked so hard in perfecting my own brand of hair extensions which are now available to purchase, public and trade. Along with hair trolleys, a whole brush collection, hair growth gummies & more! To say i am a hair extension supplier now.. blows my mind. It’s what i’ve always dreamt of becoming 🥹

In amongst all of this i had a mental breakdown which was by far the hardest thing i have ever experienced.. it nearly resulted in me closing Longlox- and i will be forever grateful to my mam and dad for not letting me give up. Over coming my mental breakdown felt impossible at the time, but looking back on it all now, i’m pleased it happened as it’s made me the strong person i am today. I’ve never felt so mentally strong and happy in all my life than what i do right now.

Having your own business is FAR from easy- it’s never being able to switch off. It’s 24/7 DMs & messages, It’s never ending stress. It becomes your life. Longlox has been my life for 20 years. It’s the hardest, stressful but eventually the most rewarding thing!

I want to thank each and every staff member, client, customer, friend, family and follower who have supported me and Longlox throughout this 20 years! I appreciate every one of you so much!

There’s not much more i need so say other than… if you have a dream or a goal.. however big or small… DONT give up… it IS achievable if you put the hard work in!

Happy 20th Birthday Longlox SuperSalon… Here’s to MANY MORE years 🩷🤍🩷🤍