A day in the life of Barbie

Hi, I’m Barbie. Sammyjo’s favourite chihuahua. (she doesn’t admit it but I know it’s true). I don’t mean to brag, but I can smile with all my teeth on show and I can also wave. I just LOVE attention.

Sammyjo and Barbie together

Today, I had my morning Weetabix and then played with Bambam, Boo & Buster before going to work with Sammyjo. I absolutely love going to Longlox, I get to sit on lovely clients' knees all day getting showered with compliments and free massages. What’s not to love?!

Barbie Smiling, showing her teeth

All of the girls make a fuss of me because I’m just so perfect. As I strutted in I was greeted by Bev, Shannon, Molly, Lauren & Ashleigh. I LOVE all the attention I get. It’s ALL ABOUT ME.

Sammyjo and Barbie at the Pressecco Bar

I sat on a lovely clients knee for about an hour whilst she had her weft fitted, she stroked me and told me how beautiful i was for her whole appointment.

I then strutted around the salon looking for more attention. Sometimes I smile my way into the staff room when the girls are having their dinner to see if I can pinch any food. Shannon always takes photos of me- I love our daily photo shoots. I am so photogenic. After all the posing I was tired so had a nap in my bed under Sammyjo’s desk before she took me home to see her other dogs and let us all out in the garden.

When we got back to work I managed to smile my way onto another client's knee where I had a lovely head massage whilst her Nanolox were fitted. She gave me a bite of her biscuit too, don’t tell Sammyjo!

Barbie Sat on a Chair with Floral Background

When it got to home time Sammyjo took me home, fed me and the other 3 dogs our tea and we went for a little walk.

I cannot wait to do it all again tomorrow. I’m just here living my best Barbie life!

If you book an appointment at Longlox feel free to shower me with compliments, stroke me and take photos of me for your Instagram. Remember I LOVE attention!

Hopefully, sit on your knee in the salon soon whilst you #getlongloxed

Barbie ♥️